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Testing on the Go: 10 Must-Have Mobile Automation Tools of 2024

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Since the introduction of the mobile phone, there has been a significant increase in their numbers. Mobile phone users are estimated to increase to 1.78 billion by 2028. Today, these small and portable devices can perform an array of functions. Users can use them for shopping, banking, ordering food, or consulting a…

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Head in the Clouds or Feet on the Ground? Weighing On-Premises vs. Cloud-Based Mobile Testing Tools

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In today’s cutthroat environment, staying ahead of demands is more than just keeping pace. It requires strategically adopting best practices like CI/CD and automated testing. These practices are not merely options but imperatives for sustaining productivity and efficiency. However, the central dilemma is how to execute them effectively. Specifically, the main question…

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Selenium In Mobile Testing Automation: A Revolution Or Just A Ripple?

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Providing seamless functioning and outstanding user experiences across numerous devices is essential in the dynamic world of mobile apps. As the demand for efficient automation in mobile tests grows, testing professionals seek robust tools to effectively meet the challenges of mobile testing. Among the renowned contenders in the testing world, Selenium is…

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