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Over the past few years, there has been a growing trend among IT companies to streamline their software development cycle. Consequently, Automation has gained immense popularity, and Protractor has emerged as another highly adopted tool for software testing. To assist businesses with their Protractor requirements, the AutomationQA team has conducted comprehensive research and created a list of the top Protractor consultants globally. These consultants possess extensive experience in integrating Protractor services with diverse applications and products. Achieving the benefits of test automation necessitates specialized expertise and tools. If you are seeking to improve the quality and scalability of your automation services, explore our list of top Protractor consulting partners below and choose your next partner with confidence!

List of Top Protractor Testing Consultants| Protractor Testing companies

Simplifying Technology. Smartly. Disruptively. Globally.
  • 500-1k
  • $25 - $49 / hr
  • California, USA

With over ten years of combined Automation, selenium testing services, Cypress automation services ,playwright testing tool, and Protractor experience, Algoworks has a forward-thinking workforce. We assist businesses in quickly and efficiently developing essential business apps. Algoworks is well-known for its collaborations with Fortune 500 firms like Amazon, Dell, Salesforce, and Microsoft. Algoworks has made a name for itself by offering top-notch automation services all around the world.

Software Testing Platform
  • 500-1K
  • Undisclosed
  • Dublin, Ireland

The leading software testing tool BrowserStack is used by 19 global data centers to execute about two million tests every day. One of the most well-liked JavaScript end-to-end selenium automated testing frameworks is cypress automation tool with protractor automation tool, playwright automation testing. With a very trustworthy cloud platform that can readily scale as testing requirements grow, the infrastructure from BrowserStack provides instant access to 3,500+ genuine mobile devices and browsers.

Cross Browser Testing Cloud
  • 50-249
  • < $25/hr
  • California, USA

LambdaTest is a cross-browser testing platform built in the cloud that can scale to meet all of your needs for testing websites or web applications. Additionally, they provide a Selenium grid that works with 32 test automation frameworks for different programming languages, including selenium testing service, cypress testing tool, protractor automation tool, playwright testing, Java, JavaScipt, C#, Ruby, PHP, and Python.

Bring qualified leads to your fingertips.
  • 10-250
  • Undisclosed
  • Shanghai, China

AroundDeal is a top sales and marketing intelligence and Automation Protractor testing platform in Asia that offers thorough and reliable information on business contacts and company details. Globally, they have over 100 million contacts.

Automated functional testing that brings joy to your team
  • 10-250
  • <$304/hr
  • Massachusetts, USA

Mabl is a platform for intelligent, low-code test automation in quality engineering. Agile teams use the mabl SaaS platform for automated end-to-end Protractor testing that is seamlessly integrated into the whole development lifecycle. Mabl makes it easy to create, run, and maintain software tests.

Provides wide range of software testing solutions
  • 250-500
  • $100-$149/hr
  • Noida, India

360logica and QA consultant focus their application testing services on their understanding of critical healthcare apps and methods to improve them. a pioneer in functional automation, performance test engineering, Protractor, and stress testing for software products.

Top Protractor Testing Consultants - FAQ's

What is the Protractor automation tool?

Protractor serves as a specialized testing framework, honing in on the unique aspects of Angular and AngularJS applications. Its primary function revolves around conducting end-to-end tests, effectively simulating essential user interactions within a web browser.

This comprehensive tool offers developers an all-inclusive solution to assess application functionality and behavior, ensuring a streamlined and pleasant user experience. By promoting efficiency and precision in testing, Protractor greatly aids in the seamless development and deployment of Angular applications.

Its integration with Angular’s testing ecosystem allows for thorough evaluations, making it a favored choice among developers seeking reliable and effective testing capabilities for their Angular-based projects. Protractor’s dedicated focus on Angular ultimately empowers developers to build robust, error-free applications and deliver exceptional user-centric solutions.

What types of testing can be done with the Protractor tool?

With the Protractor automation tool, you can perform various types of testing, including end-to-end, regression, integration, and functional testing. It supports both Angular-specific and standard web elements, enabling comprehensive evaluations of an Angular application’s functionality and user experience.

What languages does Protractor support for writing tests?

Protractor supports JavaScript, and since it’s built on WebDriverJS. Besides its support for JavaScript, Protractor also extends its compatibility to TypeScript, a widely used superset of JavaScript. TypeScript incorporates static typing into JavaScript, simplifying the management of extensive codebases and helping identify potential bugs during development.

What is the responsibility of a Protractor Consultant?

A Protractor Consultant is proficient in utilizing the Protractor automation tool, a widely-adopted end-to-end testing framework designed explicitly for Angular and AngularJS applications. Collaborating with businesses, they craft and execute efficient testing strategies to validate web applications, covering functionality, performance, and user experience. By leveraging Protractor’s capabilities, these consultants help organizations achieve robust and reliable testing processes, ensuring their web-based projects’ smooth operation and success. Their expertise significantly improves the quality of developed applications and customer satisfaction.

Why should I hire a Protractor Testing Consultant for my project?

Hiring a Protractor Consultant for your project brings numerous benefits that can significantly enhance the testing phase and overall project success. As a specialized tool for AngularJS and Angular applications, Protractor demands expertise and experience to unleash its full potential. A right Consultant will possess in-depth knowledge of the framework, best practices, and emerging trends.

Their expertise helps create efficient test scripts, identify critical cases, and ensure thorough test coverage. Consequently, this decreases the probability of encountering bugs and boosts the overall reliability of the application. Additionally, consultants offer valuable insights into optimizing test performance and integrating Protractor seamlessly into your development workflow.

Overall, employing a Protractor Consultant streamlines the testing process, saves time, and results in a robust, high-quality application that meets the desired requirements, making it a wise investment for your project.

What services do Protractor Consultants typically offer?

Protractor Automation Testing Consultants provide various services to facilitate efficient software testing. Their comprehensive approach encompasses the setup of Protractor testing environments, enabling smooth test case creation and end-to-end testing execution.

Additionally, they provide valuable training to in-house teams, equipping them with the necessary skills to effectively utilize the Protractor tool testing. Beyond initial implementation, these consultants also extend continuous maintenance and support, ensuring the long-term success of the testing process.

By seamlessly integrating Protractor into the CI/CD pipeline, they contribute to improved software development efficiency and reliability for their clients. Through their expertise and dedication, Protractor Consultants play a crucial role in enhancing software quality and overall project success.

How is Protractor different from other testing tools like Selenium?

Protractor is a specialized end-to-end testing framework primarily designed for testing AngularJS and Angular applications. Unlike Selenium, a general-purpose web automation tool, Protractor offers unique advantages specific to Angular apps. It leverages Angular’s built-in features like automatic waiting, synchronization, and testability, simplifying the test-writing process.

Protractor Automation uses Angular-specific locators (by.model, by.binding, etc.) that are more resilient to changes in the UI, enhancing stability. Moreover, Protractor inherently supports Angular’s asynchronous behavior, which Selenium lacks.

While Selenium supports various languages, Protractor’s tests use JavaScript/TypeScript, aligning well with the Angular ecosystem. Overall, Protractor’s specialization in Angular testing makes it a powerful choice for testing Angular applications with improved efficiency and reliability.

Can Protractor be used for non-Angular websites?

Yes, Protractor, tailored initially for Angular app testing, can be employed for non-Angular sites. Built on WebDriver, it accommodates multiple browsers and interacts with any web app. Nevertheless, Selenium and other testing frameworks could be more apt for non-Angular websites due to their wider compatibility and emphasis on general web testing, offering a more versatile and inclusive approach to testing various web applications beyond the Angular ecosystem.

Can the Protractor automation tool be integrated with other tools?

Protractor tool for automation, a popular end-to-end testing framework for Angular and AngularJS applications, can be combined with other tools. It is highly flexible and can work alongside testing and automation frameworks like Jasmine and Selenium WebDriver. This allows testers to leverage additional functionalities and benefits from combining Protractor with other tools for comprehensive and efficient testing processes.

Can a Protractor Automation Company also assist with other types of testing?

Yes, many Protractor Automation Testing Consultants have expertise in multiple areas of software testing. Depending on their skills and experience, they can assist with other types of testing, such as unit testing, integration testing, performance testing, and more. However, you should always clarify this in your discussions with potential consultants.