024’s Browser Testing Showdown: Key Statistics For Making The Right Choice

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In the current competitive environment, offering outstanding customer service is a need rather than a luxury. It is the point at which browser testing becomes relevant. It is critical because you may need to determine which browser your user may use to view your website. The testing process involves checking the website’s functionality across different browsers. 

However, things are more complex than they sound. One of the biggest nightmares for any tester is to shortlist the browser because testing on each browser is impossible. Therefore, they need to curate a list of a few important ones. If businesses consider volume and market share, then Chrome becomes critical. However, this can not be the only criterion as other crucial factors shape this decision.  


For example, examining your website’s traffic gives you a clear picture of your customers’ browser choices. It will further help you to narrow down the options. Thus, selecting the right browser for cross browser testing is the crucial step. In order to assist you in selecting the ideal browser for testing, let’s explore the nuances of this intricate procedure. 

Worldwide Browser Market Share for Various Browsers 

With 61% of the market, Google Chrome is unquestionably the market leader in the browser space, followed by Safari. Other browsers like Edge, Firefox, and Opera have 4.87, 2.93, and 2.62 percent market share, respectively. Though Samsung dominates the mobile market with its browser, Samsung Internet has only 2.54% of the market share. These figures indicate that Chrome and Safari must be part of cross-browser automation testing for any business.  

However, despite low market share, businesses must recognize other browsers if they want their application to be successful. One crucial thing is selecting the correct browser version, as it can directly impact your website’s or web applications’ functionality. Optimizing your website for older versions is essential for a consistent user experience. Further, it helps businesses with customer retention.    

Browser Statistics Based on Different Platforms 

Factors like screen size or resolutions are equally crucial for a test automation company as they help them fully optimize their applications to provide a seamless user experience. For example, desktops are the most preferred platforms by users worldwide. In America alone, they account for 54% of the market, followed by mobile and tablet.    

Again, Chrome dominates the segments in desktop versions with 57.17% of the market share. Safari stands second on the list with 20.59% of the market share. Microsoft Edge falls third with 11.87%, followed by Firefox and Opera browsers with 5.13 and 4.08% of the market. However, if we consider the operating system, Microsoft Edge has a 15.27% market share. In comparison,  Google Chrome holds a whopping 76.09% market share.     

Even for macOs, Google Chrome is the first choice for those following Safari, browser then Firefox and Edge. Their market shares are 27.02% and 3.86%, respectively.  

Browsers Statistics Based on Different Geographies 

The user’s geography is the next crucial factor while finalizing the browser list. For instance, Google Chrome tops the list in Germany, followed by Safari. One interesting thing is that in Germany, Samsung Internet comes before Opera. Therefore, if your target audience geography is Germany, then Samsung Internet must be in your browser list.  

But if your target audience geography is the US, your preferred browser list for browser testing may look like Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. Thus, picking the right combination of web browsers is crucial in determining your application’s or website’s success. It also minimizes resource utilization and ensures a seamless user experience. For your cross-browser testing, our experts have selected the list of best browsers for you.           

Top Browsers For Checking Cross Browser Testing Compatibility 

Google Chrome 

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser worldwide. Its straightforward layout and intuitive UI are the primary factors contributing to its widespread appeal. Its speed and built-in features earn it the number-one spot on the list of various testing automation companies.   


If you are developing a website or web application that is mobile-friendly, it is imperative. Safari holds a 52.48% market share among mobile browsers. It is because it is the default browser for all Apple devices.  

Samsung Browser

If you are targeting Android users, then the Samsung browser must be on the list of your team. Its share of the global market is approximately 4.60%. What makes this browser unique is that it has its own rendering engine. That significantly impacts how content appears on your website.  

Mozilla Firefox 

It is another excellent option that must be on your bucket of cross-browser testing. This browser is well known for its enhanced tracking and built-in screenshot tool. It also has extensive customization options that make web content less distracting.  


It is a feature-packed browser designed for QA automation testing. This browser comes with a free VPN and security for social media. It has its own messenger and allows users to block ads.  


This ultimate web browser comes with online privacy protection. Other features include ad blockers and malware protection. What makes this browser more interesting is its secure private tabs and built-in crypto wallet. Although this browser’s overall percentage of users is small, it must still be on your list.  

Final Words 

With the number of options available, the list of a QA automation company must cover all the major browsers and operating systems. You can get help from various analytical platforms to find the latest trends. Before selecting the correct version as a final choice, it is also critical to take the demographics of your audience into account.  

Making the right version choice can have an impact. Even though Chrome and Safari top the list, it doesn’t mean that other browsers must be overlooked. The thumb rule maintains an equilibrium between the browser and operating system to cover the maximum audience. 


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