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The success of an application is now primarily determined by the customer experience. It has led to more complex applications, which have replaced the traditional waterfall software development model. As a result, businesses have shifted towards agile and DevOps methodologies. Another significant change occurred in software testing, where automated testing has taken center stage.  

Today, testers need to collaborate with other stakeholders for error-free software development. Therefore, businesses are looking for highly skilled and experienced Automation tester. But if you are a newcomer, then deciding the right skills that you need to master can be a daunting process. You must know about different testing tools and platforms as a proficient automated testing engineer.  

Let’s drive in to unravel the necessary skills and knowledge to help you thrive in the automated testing world.           


What Is Automation Testing And Its Benefits?

It is a technique that helps a tester identify and address bugs within an application with the help of another software. As the name suggests, it is an automated process that eliminates human intervention, resulting in an error-free application. Another advantage of testing automation is that it helps them in the early stage of development, reducing the time to market and providing them with a competitive lead. The QA team works closely with the test engineers and product developers during testing.    

Automated testing determines the success of any application or software. It helps a business to expand its services to a large audience base in a short time. One of the significant benefits of implementing automated software testing is that it allows frequent changes, which can be crucial for substantial changes. Automated testing also replaces human intervention, which improves efficiency and increases accuracy. Automation testing companies implement test scripts for automating repetitive tasks.      

Top Skills For Becoming An Automation Tester? 

These are the top skills that you must acquire if you want to excel in the field of automated testing: 

 1. Understanding the Testing Framework 

A tester must have a firm knowledge of the testing framework. It not only helps in creating a tailored test suite but also helps him understand the functionality of the test suite. Producing detailed reports and ensuring test manageability is one of the prime responsibilities of a tester. 

 2. Experience with Scripting Skills

To excel in automation testing, a tester must have strong knowledge of the test scripting. It is convenient for an automation tester as it allows them to create customized scripts. It smooths the automation process and helps them find bugs effectively.   

 3. Seasoned with API Testing 

APIs are very crucial for modern-day applications. It acts as a bridge between different components or applications. It enhances the application’s functionality; API allows applications to access the data from external databases. API also plays a crucial role in automating tasks and providing a way for seamless communication.    

4. Database Knowledge

Database knowledge is necessary because it helps the tester access the software’s ability to handle the data. The tester can use it to validate whether the entered data is stored correctly or not. It is crucial because it can significantly influence the outcome of the applications. Database knowledge is also helpful in performance testing.  

5. Knowledge with Web Technology 

Today, many applications are web-based. Therefore, testers must have an understanding of web technology. It helps them to evaluate the functionality of the applications. In a better way, understanding this technology is also necessary for thorough testing of these applications. Additionally, knowledge of web technology helps them identify the issues effectively.  

 6. Understanding of the Agile Methodology

Agile methodology improves collaboration and enhances the speed of software development. It promotes a regressive working environment where the automation tester works closely with other major stakeholders. Thus, proper knowledge of agile development enables adaptability and practical testing.  

7. Familiarity with Test Reporting Tools 

Test Reporting is an integral part of the software testing. It is a complicated process that involves documentation and communication of test results. A test report includes all the crucial details related to test cases. Having a proper knowledge of the several testing tools streamlines the reporting process.  

8. Skilled with CI/CD Pipeline 

CI/CD is a crucial component of the modern-day software development process. It helps an organization to build, test, and deploy their application. Further, it allows them to catch bugs in the early development stage. A thorough knowledge of CI/CD encourages frequent updates, which can’t be done through manual testing.  

9. Mobile Testing 

Mobile Testing means evaluating an application for the mobile. It helps an automation tester ensure the application provides a good user experience across different mobile devices. In 2023, a good knowledge of mobile testing is essential, seeking the widespread use of mobile applications in our daily lives.  

10. Critical Thinking 

The prime duty of a tester is to find bugs within an application and rectify it. Critical thinking enables a person to analyze the situation and make an informed decision. It is crucial to identify the problem when a tester can critical thinking. Then, he can find the complex issues that might not be visible to others.    

11. Proficiency in Programming Languages 

Having adequate knowledge of programming knowledge is crucial for a tester. Learning programming language equips a tester with the necessary skills to create and develop test cases. In the era of customization, each software is unique. Programming knowledge also helps a QA automation company seamlessly integrate various development tools.    

12. Sufficient Knowledge of Automation Tools 

Today, as more and more companies are shifting towards test automation, the market has flooded with several testing tools. These tools help testers plan, organize, and track test cases. Another advantage of a testing tool is that it allows an automation tester to practice CI/CD, a fundamental principle of agile development.   

13. Good Functional Testing Skills 

Often, the tester has to compare the output of an application with its expected behavior. It raises the need for functional testing skills because identifying critical scenarios can be challenging without this skill. An automated tester with good functional testing skills can design robust test cases. It is very crucial for maintaining application qualities.     

14. Curious To Learn New Technology And Trends

We are aware that the development of software is a continuous process that involves numerous modifications. Therefore, an automation tester must be curious about learning new skills. This way, he can lead the testing automation industry. Learning new technology and trends enhances the problem-solving skills of a tester because it encourages them to explore unconventional solutions. Staying updated is the only way to ensure the quality of the delivered software.   

15. Clear Understanding of Business Requirements

A tester must clearly understand the business requirements, an essential but crucial skill. Aligning testing efforts for a business with a broader goal can be challenging. Therefore, it becomes very critical that a tester must know about the company objective through this application.  

How Can Automation QA Help You?

Challenges are an integral part of any industry, including automation testing. These abilities can aid testing engineers in overcoming these difficulties and guaranteeing the supply of high-quality apps. We at Automation QA understand the importance of learning new skills. However, real-world experience is also priceless.  

Therefore, our testing engineers possess the requisite skills and can assist companies in enhancing their testing process. Our talented automated testers demonstrate their capabilities in various aspects of test automation. They have significantly improved efficiency by implementing the latest software development life cycle trends.   

Moreover, one of our key strategies for ensuring the quality of the testing process involves leveraging cutting-edge testing tools. These tools aid in mapping out comprehensive test plans and promptly identify bugs. 


These automated testing skills are precious in the cutthroat economy of today. Mainly, you possess comprehensive expertise in the latest automation tools and CI/CD tools proficiency. In that case, you become a valuable asset within your organization. 

The skills discussed above serve as a roadmap for an automation tester to progress from a beginner’s level to becoming a lead or even an architect-level resource.  

To achieve this, it’s essential to remain dedicated, work diligently, and demonstrate unwavering passion for your career. With consistent effort and a commitment to excellence, you’ll soon distinguish yourself from other testers in the industry and establish a reputation for top-tier skills and contributions. 


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