Ultimate Learning Resources for Test Automation Engineers in 2023

Ultimate Learning Resources for Test Automation Engineers in 2023

The need for more training is a considerable obstacle to teams implementing automation. It is a struggle sometimes to know where to begin. It is a challenge for freshers and experienced engineers. If you wish your name to be among the eminent test automation engineers, mugging up too many books will not help.

Whether a novice or an expert, you must indulge in intelligent studying, including learning from the best test automation resources. The road to advancement includes studying popular blogs and some lesser-known resources. To be among the leading test automation engineers, go through the ultimate list of learning resources you require.

“Become an eminent test automation engineer by meticulously getting hold of the top learning resources.”

Topnotch Learning Resources for Test Automation Engineers

The finest resources are listed below to help you comprehend test automation in general, learn about test automation frameworks, and learn how to combine automated and manual testing.

Automation Test Websites

Like having APIs for automation testing is beneficial, considering some of the top websites for learning about test automation is equally significant. Below are a few websites created by industrial automation engineers for this:

1.The-internet: Founded by Dave Haeffner as a helpful open-source web app recognizing both productive and useless functionality on the web.

2. Selenium programming test pages: Alan Richardson employs this brief set of PHP and HTML for teaching purposes.

Automation Video Courses

One of the most common methods to quickly learn skills like test automation is through online classes. There are many options. Here is the list that you will find helpful:

1.Automation in Testing: Offers free and premium online courses to the software development and testing groups.

2. Ultimate QA: Beginner-friendly free and paid courses circling Selenium WebDriver, C#, and more.

3. Selenium WebDriver Basics: Another Alan Richardson’s online video course helping beginner automation engineers to get started.

4. Learn Produced by Kevin Lamping, this course includes the pros and cons of employing

5. Katalon Studio Training: An easy-to-use, beginner-friendly automation tool explaining how to start.

6. Intro to DevOps: A Udacity free-of-cost course for existing IT professionals to understand companies’ contemporary tech challenges and how to resolve them.

7. LinkedIn Learning: An encyclopedia for all test automation engineers to learn beginner-friendly and trending software courses.

8. Pluralsight: Test automation techniques, topics around unit testing, test-driven evolution, and more – this course covers it all.

9. Understanding Docker for Selenium automation: An Udemy course perfect for beginners with little knowledge about Docket and its whereabouts.

Learn Programming

To become one of the top-notch test automation engineers, it is a necessity to have at least a minimal understanding of programming. A shortage of knowledge of programming might make the whole test automation learning process cumbersome. So, get some programming knowledge from the below online resources.

1.Python: ‘Learn Python’ is an interactive course offering helpful tutorials for beginners.

2.MIT Open Courseware: MIT offers programming courses free of cost for newcomers.

Resources on YouTube

YouTube videos have always been beneficial helpers for versatile purposes and certainly for test automation learning as well. Though YouTube offers way too many videos about machine learning, test automation, and more, it might be challenging to come across the ones you’ll benefit from. Consider the below list of YouTube videos that is available in proper order.

1. Alan Richardson, a.k.a. The Evil Tester: Richardson has excellent videos on his channel concerning Selenium WebDriver.

2. Automation Step by Step: Handled by Raghav Pals, another test automation expert with endless beneficial videos on his channel.

3. Joe Colantonio: He talks about all sorts of interviews, tutorials, and popular topics concerning performance testing, security, and of course, automation.

4. Sauce Labs: This includes records of test automation conferences, meetups, online lectures, and tutorials on test automation.

Automation Blogs

One of the best learning resources of test automation is to follow other testers’ learning curves and processes. By gathering knowledge about how they have gained insights, you can finally implement them practically with a real-time understanding of automation. Many automation blogs operated by automation engineers are exactly what you need to understand the concept better.

1.Adventures in Automation: Authored by T.J. Maher, this blog comprises stories about software QA engineers moving from manual to automated testing.

2. Automation Journey: This is documentation of Mike Clark’s shift from a manual tester to an automation tester.

3. Testbirds: Obtain insights about all ongoing tech and digital industry trends.

4. Ultimate QA: Managed by Nikolay Advolodkin, this blog comprises everything about automation tests, quality assurance activities, and related details.


If you’re one of those people who is not thrilled by YouTube videos or blogs, podcasts are probably the thing for you. You can keep listening to it by plugging in your headphones and letting the information do the work.

Check out these podcasts, which focus on testing but also touch on automation:

1. TestTalks: From beginners to experts, the content of this podcast serves a diverse range of topics for all.

2. PerfBytes: Hosted by Mike Tomlinson and James Pulley, PerfBytes comprises every detail about functional automation and performance testing.

3. AB Testing: This is a product of Brent Jensen and Alan Page that is filled with details like automation data, leadership, agile, and more.

4. Test and Code: This Python-focused podcast defines how to use the programming language.

Email Newsletters

Newsletters can be an exciting way to amp up your learning process where you don’t have to spend hours. In your inbox, you will receive weekly tips, tricks, tactics, and additional educational information. Be an expert by following the following newsletters.

1. Elemental Selenium: Subscribe to Dave Haeffner’s free, weekly, and effective newsletters offering knowledge about Selenium.

2. AppiumPro: Here, you will receive weekly information about mobile Appium testing automation.

Online Automation Conferences

Online automation courses are beneficial in receiving knowledge about test automation frameworks, machine learning, and more. You will come across numerous video sessions of automation conferences after their completion. Below are the mandatory ones to check out.

1. The Google Test Automation Conference: Hosted by Google, it connects engineers and academics from versatile grounds for discussing test automation, engineering, computer science, and more.

2. SeleniumConf: This has an illustrative YouTube page where you will receive great videos about the conference.

3. DevOps Days: ‘All DevOps Days’ is again a YouTube channel containing self-explanatory videos about DevOps principles and more.

4. Performance Advisory Council (PAC): It’s a free, 24-hour conference especially committed to virtual events circling performance testing.

5. GuildConferences: Specially made to aid testers in learning performance testing and automation.

Automation Testing Chat Groups

A chat group is an excellent way to gain knowledge by communicating with fellow testers, automation testing engineers, and more. You can ask questions, address others’ issues, and learn something new daily. Here are a few chat groups that help to analyze Selenium Grid, ML, software development, and more:

1. Selenium Slack group: Just access the test automation threads available on the Slack platform to receive information.

2. Serenity framework: One of the famous test automation frameworks, this one is created by John Smart and is a helpful resource to know what fellow engineers are dealing with.

3. Automation Guild Slack: An active community having friendly folks to answer your queries.

4. LinkedIn groups for automation: Selenium Test Automation User Group and Software Automation | Test | Architecture are two LinkedIn groups to gain knowledge from.

5. Facebook group for automation: ‘Advance Test Automation’ is a massive group of over 7,000 members that will be helpful for you.

Top Interview Preparation Questions for Automation Testing

Here are a few frequently asked questions related to automation testing:

1. Why do you think automation testing is necessary?

2. When will the exam be automated, and how will you decide?

3. What advantages does Quick Test Pro (QTP) have?

4. When are you going to decide against automating testing?

5. Describe to me selenium.

6. How are automated tests carried out?

7. What are your thoughts on Rational Robot?

8. What do you do during the Automation Planning Phase?

9. Can you name a few Automation Testing Tools?

10. We cannot utilize automated testing for the Agile approach in a few situations. Describe them.

11. What sorts of testing would you most like to automate?

12. State the disadvantages connected with automated testing.

13. What is the Tree View Automation Testing?

There is no doubt that it takes an ample amount of time, an enormous level of perseverance, and, most importantly an accurate amount of knowledge to be in a group of exceptional test automation engineers. Not only will learning these resources mentioned above guide you towards attaining the right path, but it will also push you towards flawlessly winning in the practical implementation.

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